Asiem, PARIS


Access to Asiem

The entrance for participants is located at 6 Rue Albert de Lapparent, 75007 Paris.

  • Metro: Ségur (line 10), Sèvres Lecourbe (line 6) or St François Xavier (line 13)
  • Bus: lines 28, 39, 70, 82, 87 or 92
  • Velib stations



PBSI 2017 - Asiem

In the heart of Paris, 1500 square meters are 100% dedicated to PBSI 2017 including a nice and fully equipped auditorium.

Passport and Visa

All foreign nationals entering and staying on French territory must be in possession of a valid entry and stay visa, unless you are exempt from this requirement.

Upon request the conference organizers could provide an official letter of invitation in order to facilitate your visa application. This  invitation letter does not imply any commitment from the Organizing Committee to provide any kind of financial contribution.

Request should be made by e-mail and must include the participant’s complete postal address, fax number, e-mail address and professional or student status proof.  Please also include your full name, passport number and birthdate.

Conference hashtag #PBSi2017